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European Village

European Village [...]

Tower of London Bridge at night

Tower of London Bridge [...]

Tilt Shift Dubai

Tilt Shift Dubai [...]

Olympic Brewery

There have been three Olympic breweries. This is the second one, built in 1906. It is located on Olympia Washington, just below Tumwater Fal [...]

Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge The Ritner Creek Covered Bridge south of Peedee Oregon in Polk County. It was the last covered bridge on an Oregon Highway, a [...]

Abandoned Village

The Abandoned Village of Kuldhara in north eastern India. The town has several stories about it’s abandonment, the saddest being about [...]

Manarola Italy by Paul Hogie

Manarola Italy by Paul Hogie for National Geographics “My Shot.” It was photo of the day for JUNE 17, 2010 Manarola is the secon [...]

Kolmanskop, Namibia by Monique van der Hoeven

Kolmanskop, Namibia by Monique van der Hoeven Kolmanskop, Namibia is a deserted diamond mining town in Africa. The sand is slowly taking it [...]

Perfect Server Room

The Perfect Server Room is amazingly neat and clean. This is either an advertisement or someone has major OCD. [...]

Luxury Villa

Luxury Villa – I know where I want to live! I can’t tell if that is an actual pond, or a dammed up river for the swan to swim in [...]

Game of Thrones City at the Wall

From Game of Thrones [...]
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