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Ghost Busters Ecto 1

The classic Ghost Busters Ecto 1 car. Ready to catch some ghosts! Who is ready for the sequel/remake of this movie?? [...]

Aston Martin DB5 Wallpaper

Yes, James Bond drove an Aston Martin DB5 just like this one! [...]

Blue Brothers out of Prison

From the best musical ever, The Blues Brothers. Staring Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi. Aretha Franklin. John Candy. Cab Calloway. Carrier Fish [...]

Lego 1953 Kaiser Golden Dragon Hardtop

Lego 1953 Kaiser Golden Dragon Hardtop by Peter Blackert [...]

Purple Hudson Hornet Convertible

A Purple Hudson Hornet Convertible at a car show. The Hudson Hornet was a luxury car built by the Hudson Motor Car Company in Detroit, Michi [...]

Lamborghini Aventador Police Car

The Italians like to take their super cars and make them really super. By giving them to the police department to catch up with other Super [...]
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