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Wallpapers straight outta history

The Olympic and Titanic

The Olympic and Titanic are both docked side by side in Belfast Ireland on March 6th, 1912. Both ships were owned by the White Star Line. Th [...]

Battleship USS Oregon

The Battleship USS Oregon leaving the Bremerton Naval Yard in Washington in 1925 on its way to Portland Oregon. After being a key player in [...]

USS Connecticut BB-18

The USS Connecticut,BB-18 showing “the bone in her teeth” during her sea trials off in Casco Bay, of the Maine Coast in 1906. Fo [...]

Soldier with M-50

Soldier with M-50, colorized photo from World War II of an American Solider preparing a for an assault by German Soldiers. [...]

WWII American Infantrymen

Two American Infantrymen WWII take cover behind a tank outside of Geich, Germany during heavy shelling. Picture taken December 11, 1944. [...]

Hindenburg at the U.S. Navy hangar – Lakehurst, New Jersey 1936

The Hindenburg at the U.S. Navy hangar – Lakehurst, New Jersey 1936. It would burst into flames just a year later at this exact locati [...]

Airlift in Vietnam – 1966

Three U.S. Army Bell UH-1D helicopters airlifting the 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment during Operation “Wahiawa.” Unknown [...]

Short Skirt Protests

From the Short Skirt Protests in the 1950s. [...]

Galata Bridge in Eminönü neighborhood, Istanbul, Turkey

The Galata Bridge crosses the Golden Horn portion of the straight of Bosphorus that connects the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea. This loc [...]

Muhammad Ali and Cleveland Williams

Muhammad Ali and Cleveland Williams, November 14, 1966 in the Houston Astrodome after Ali knocked out Williams. [...]

Airship R33

British Airship R33 preparing for launch, March 1919 Barlow, Yorkshire England [...]
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