Serenity Hijacking

Serenity Hijacking – A screen capture from one of the best Science Fictions TV shows around, Firefly.

Serenity Hijacking

Quotes from the series showing just how awesome it was.

Mal: I believe that woman’s plannin’ to shoot me again.
Jayne: Here’s a little concept I’ve been working on. Why don’t we shoot her first?
Wash: It is her turn.

Mal: You will keep a civil tongue in that mouth or I will sew it shut. Is there an understanding between us?
Jayne: You don’t pay me to talk pretty. Just because Kaylee gets lubed up over some big-city dandy —
Mal: Walk away from this table, right now.
[Jayne exits, reluctantly]
Simon: What do you pay him for?
Mal: What?
Simon: I was curious… what is his job on this ship?
Mal: … Public relations.

Mal: But he did try to make a deal with you, right?
Jayne: [guilty look on his face, looking at Mal]
Mal: How come you didn’t turn on me, Jayne?
Jayne: [smiling] Money wasn’t good enough.
Mal: What happens when it is?
Jayne: Well, that’ll be an interesting day.
Mal: I imagine it will.

[Jayne, dressed in a bulky hooded coat and goggles, keeps his head down as they walk past the workers.]
Wash: You haven’t been here in years, Jayne. You really think you need that getup? No one’s gonna remember you.
Mal: I think it’s possible they might.
[They all look up to see an elevated, life-sized mud statue of Jayne.]
Simon: Son of a bitch!
. . .
Mal: You wanna tell me how come there’s a statue here, lookin’ at me like I owe him something?
Jayne: Wishin’ I could, cap’n.
Mal: No, seriously, Jayne, you want to tell me…?
Jayne: Look, Mal, I got no ruttin’ idea. I was here a few years back, like I said. Pulled a second-story, stole a lot of scratch from the magistrate up on the hill. But things went way south. I had to hightail it. They don’t… put you on a pedestal in town square for that.
Mal: Yeah, ‘cept I’m looking at some fair compelling evidence says they do.
[Simon is just staring at the statue]
Simon: This must be what going mad feels like.

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